News Worth Noting

These are some news items worth following. I plan on covering some of them more in-depth as time allows.

Bird Flu hits UK–160,000 Turkeys to be slaughtered. Widening control zone set. Will this be another Foot and Mouth Disease Carnage Fest? Chances are, the means they use to deal with this outbreak will be similarly used in the States.

Chinese club 50,000 dogs to death amid fears of rabies. Are these really the same people who own up to 40% of the United States? Whose products flood our markets? And for a disease which is preventable? Human Rights, Animal Rights, Hu cares?

I never said Ethanol was going to be a good idea. Someone should have asked me. I could have helped prevent the escalating costs of grain fueling raising prices across America and the Mexican Tortilla Riots. More about this later.

Now that humankind has been blamed for Global Warming, what will the Government do to reverse it? What can we do in the meantime, while they hash out decade long reforms? Some thoughts on this soon. Believe it or not, they’re all tied together by causal threads.

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