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UPDATE: 12/12/09–SOLD OUT!

Ring in the end of one decade and the beginning of another on Podchef Island! Come to see, touch and taste Gascony right here in Puget Sound as “The Queen of Gascony”, Kate Hill,  brings her Camp Confit to America.

Join us for a festive start to the New Year with a three-day  weekend of good food and fat ducks at my Shaw Island farm. Three days/two nights of good food, conviviality, duck butchery and confit-making. Come and learn the little secrets of French farm-wives and time-honored traditional recipes for preparing and preserving confit de canard, terrine de foie naturale and le Grand Cassoulet.

Jan 1st–Friday is New Year’s Day:

  • Arrive on Shaw Island by Ferry, where we will meet you and bring you to the guest house of the Nun’s at Our Lady of the Rock Priory where you will be staying while your here. The join Kate and I at my Kitchen Garden Headquarters for a traditional French, super-authentique, Camp Cassoulet class & feast. We will be pairing red wine and armagnac with cassoulet–what a perfect way to start a new decade!

Jan 2nd Saturday:

  • Morning: Duck Butchery- I will lead a how-to workshop on Duck Butchery. A primer for the professional or home chef, come to the farm to learn humane slaughter methods, plucking, eviscerating & processing. This course is for beginners, chefs & cooks who want to know where their food from the farm up.
  • Lunch: Kate and I will prepare a winter pique-nique of found and foraged foods to  share the diversity of my Island farm and Kitchen Garden Headquarters.
  • Afternoon: Traditional French Confit Making Part 1- The importance of proximity becomes apparent as we work with the fresh carcasses, removing the natural fat livers, learning the meat cuts, then trimming and rendering the fat while learning the nuances of salting and seasoning. Fatted Ducks are larger and meatier than roasting ducks. Preserving meat by poaching in fat (confit) is the perfect way to showcase that flavor as well as store at room temperature.
  • Dinner: We will learn from Kate how the French dine as we grill the duck carcasses and eat with our fingers- a Gascon version of BBQ ribs called a carcassade!

Jan. 3rd Sunday:

  • Morning: Cooking and preserving Confit Part 2- We begin the confit process, cooking the duck to perfection in a slow and patient process. No rushing allowed: stir, stir, rest. When cooked, we will preserve the tender meat for pantry storage with its translucent golden fat in glass jars.
  • Podchef Island Lunch Feast of rillettes, pates, terrines and sausage.
  • Afternoon: departure for the mainland with a basket of Ducky Delights in hand.


Duckfest 2010- $495 per person 3 days/2 nights (accommodation available- request information)

If you cannot attend the whole 3 days, consider just coming for the special New Year’s Day Camp Cassoulet feast & dinner–only $125 (accomodation extra).

For more information and reservations write us here!



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